Anastasia is best known for her award-winning solo show “Gracie and Rose” which Ms. Magazine named “Top 10 Feminist Pick of the Hollywood Fringe Festival”. "Gracie and Rose" was also nominated for Best Solo Show and awarded a Best Of Festival extension. Gracie and Rose love off the grid and live off the land in 1950’s Wyoming – where wild horses run free and appearances are deceiving. Gracie lives as George so she and Rose can be together. Is true love in the body worth the cost of living a lie in the world?

Photo Credit: Biz Urban   

Photo Credit: Biz Urban


On TV, Anastasia is just as comfy bossing around Taylor Kitsch and Minka Kelly as a snarky PE coach on Friday Night Lights as she is playing a busted MILF on Comedy Central in 'Ving Break. She was snobby to Rebecca Romeijn in Eastwick as an elegant art dealer, and tried to maintain her authority as a NASA astronaut who's infected with alien spore while on a space mission. It doesn't end well.

She's challenged Michelle Obama as a news reporter in Issa Rae's web series Michelle Obama's Diaries, offered compassion as a kind teacher in Issa Rae's Myseducation, and has played loving moms, concerned moms, scared moms, and snarky moms. 

On film, Anastasia played a bisexual girl on a mission for a phone number in Checkout. She toured with Checkout to SXSW, the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, Frameline in San Francisco, and Inside Out in Toronto. Her indie films have been screened in festivals from Dublin to Melbourne, Rome to Warsaw.

On stage Anastasia has deeply loved her years of performing in regional theatre. With a BFA from Chapman University in Acting, a conservatory graduate of Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre, and an MFA in Acting from UT Austin, she brings seasoned training to each role. She’s played funny broads in a pickle and complicated women who wrestle with their demons.

The daughter of a Physics professor and a biology teacher, Anastasia remembers living in Belgium, Germany, Portugal and Australia as a kid. Home base was always Tucson, Arizona in the beautiful desert where Anastasia couldn't get enough hiking, swimming and picking cactus thorns out of her leg with duct tape. Anastasia traveled independently for two years in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, feeding her acting work and finding jobs to pay her way. She picked grapes for the wine harvest in Tuscany, performed street theatre in Rome, taught theatre games in Istanbul, and taught English and Yoga in Prague.

Anastasia is currently a member of the SAG-AFTRA LGBT Diversity Committee and has enjoyed serving as a Nominating Jury Member for the GLAAD Media Awards for Theatre in Los Angeles, as well as on the Board of Directors for2nd Sundays Screenplay Readings.